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Roofing Sheet Dealers in Chennai

Our firm is engaged in providing superior range of world class Roofing Sheet to be used in assorted applications. This Roofing sheet dealers has various advantages, such as high strength and low maintenance while offering indirect resistance to corrosion induced by moisture and damage. Offered roofing sheet dealers are available in variety of dimensions and shapes for customized uses. New Tech Roofing is offering this product at industry leading prices.


• High strength
• Light Weight
• Corrosion Resistance


• 100% Rust proof | Zero maintenance | Fire Resistant | Light, But tough | Better thermal insulation | Long Life | High resale Value
• Thickness Available from 0.30mm to 1.60mm
Length - Available in length between 1500mm and 6500mm


Copper : Copper is extremely long-lasting, very soft with low melting temperature. It is an extremely soft metal, which makes it amongst the quietest types of metal roofing. However, with modern installation practices, all metal roofing now recommends proper substrates that minimize noise from rain or hail at the same level. The softer nature of Copper Roofing also means that in hail prone regions it may be easily damaged.

Aluminum : Aluminum metal roofs are frequently suggested for use in coastal climates. This is basically because of aluminum’s protection from salt erosion contrasted with different kinds of metal roofs. While the normal view of Aluminum is that it isn’t influenced by erosion, actually it is an exceedingly dynamic metal and in a split second responds to environmental conditions. This quick response is really what secures it so well. The external layer of aluminum responds with the oxygen in the earth making a layer of aluminum oxide, viably fixing the internal layers of the metal from any future erosion. While Aluminum’s strength to weight ratio is higher than steel, the factor of cost often results in panels that are too thin for their surroundings. metal Roofing Materials.

Zinc : Zinc is a stunning metal, ready to utilize its patina to heal its scratches after some time and remain solid for more than 100 years. The regular properties of Zinc make it almost loved for business extends because of Zincs capacity to be effectively framed and controlled into stunning shapes. While the chalking of Zinc after some time isn’t viewed as an engaging part of the metal, it very well may be cleaned and controlled to a degree.

Steel : Steel is an alloy, made from Iron and other elements. Used in every aspect of building, steel roofing has often been one of the most common materials found on a commercial construction site, and is now often incorporated into residential builds. While the initial creation of steel can be an energy-intensive process compared to a metal like Zinc, the recyclability and availability of the metal alloy means that most of the steel we use today is made from recycled material rather than new. In fact, steel is the most recycled material on the planet, making it an incredibly green building material to work with.

Tin : Tin Roofing is an often-requested item by enthusiasts around the United States and Canada. The term is used interchangeably with metal roofing, steel roofing, or galvanized steel. In fact, Tin is an incredibly rare, and unused metal for roofing. Tin it is an element, like Copper or Zinc.

⦁ Quality tried
⦁ High effectiveness
⦁ Minimal structure

⦁ Style: A palette of hues give you alluring decisions
⦁ Sturdy: Four layers of defensive covering guarantee high solidness.
⦁ High Tensile Strength: The twofold ribbed profile agrees it 550 mpa quality, which permits higher separating of purlins of spare steel.
Consumption Resistant: Primer covering on the top offers better protection from erosion.

New Tech Roofing have set up a good reputation of our company in the group of most loved makers and providers of Color Coated Roofing Sheet, Roofing Shed and Roofing Material. The items we offer to our customers are comprehensively valued by our customers for their highlights like solidness, productivity and exact development. These items are produced by our best technocrats by utilizing propelled apparatuses and machines accessible in the market.

New Tech Roofing is adroitly enjoyed gathering and providing of roofing's, sheets and sheds, PEB and substantial steel structures in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. With the convey of our incredible shoppers support so we are notable as the best Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Manufacturer creation of solidly prepared Metal Roofing Sheets, FRP Roofing Sheets, Color Coated Roofing Sheet, Color Profile Sheets and substantially more items. Our reason is very much idea out to be one of the market chief organizations as we are totally giving the subjective PEB and rooftop sheets. Our group is following the most recent innovation to plan the each and each bit of our items which can be better in each measure and furthermore quality.

We have been satisfying the necessity for present day essential steel produce and mechanical materials and shading in the all over India over numerous years. Notwithstanding the inclusion of moving parts, is it a housetop or shade for your home or a strip mall vault or housetop or a far reaching scale mechanical stockroom we are set up to give legitimate standard help of your requirements. Our clients involve owner engineers to head building associations, modelers, without a doubt comprehended planners who solicitation and get raised necessity made steel essential or to achieve the visual complete they require.

Our services reach to our everything purchasers in appositive manner and we are satisfied to make reference to it, inferable from that additionally numerous clients are approaching us for the providing of these PEB Sheets. We can say that our organization is for the best structure arrangements suppliers. We are independently framing the PEB sheets and material's for the various utilizations of private, industrials and advertisements and with these advantages our shoppers feel more solace in dealings with us in regards to these items for their checked necessities.

New Tech Roofing is a believed gathering claimed metal roofing and steel building products experts. We locally make and appropriate a scope of value steel structures – from roofing and fencing to skylights/lookout windows, terrace and sheds. Regardless of whether it's a business projects or a home redesign, our group of specialists have what it takes and experience to enable you to finish your next undertaking.

The majority of our roofing and building products are produced directly here in Chennai from the most noteworthy quality materials.

Our certified and experienced tradesmen are close by for all your installation needs.

No matter how huge or little, we can answer all your roofing and building questions. For product guidance or specialized data, get in touch with us today.

We can take your arrangement and figure the amounts and expenses of the considerable number of items you'll require – from the enormous things right to the minor embellishments.

We have tremendous involvement in the roofing sheet industry; we have increased extraordinary regard for our quality products and excellent service throughout the years. We supply our products to all exchanges and furthermore straightforwardly to the overall population everywhere throughout the Tamil Nadu.

The majority of our clients, regardless of in the event that you are a business or an individual, will get a similar quality and dependable client service, we have the most extreme regard for the majority of our clients and will give to such an extent or as meager exhortation as you requirement for obtaining and accommodating your materials. You can arrange any size, style, color and even make them roofing sheets slice to estimate before conveyance.

⦁ Endeavor to address our clients' issues while keeping up our spryness as a key separating factor.
⦁ Furnish our clients with focused items that convey quality and worth.
⦁ Create worldwide tasks and assets to meet our key objectives.
⦁ Cultivate and empower advancement and innovativeness in our items, and in our everyday tasks among representatives.
⦁ Convey magnificence to a worldwide commercial center, while offering proficient help and administration on a nearby and territorial level.
Act with genuineness and uprightness in the entirety of our dealings.
⦁ Empower duty and responsibility by all staff, at all levels.
⦁ Keep up our special corporate culture: continually having the fearlessness to consider some fresh possibilities, and to have a "can-do" mentality to just get things going.

New Tech Roofing center around generation innovation and item advancement has made a consistent item and plant improvement culture.
⦁ As New Tech Roofing develops bigger it keeps on reacting to the particular necessities of our overall clients, which have accomplished
⦁ Numerous headway's in the past gratitude to our nearby working associations with them.

⦁ Set up new generation plants and extend existing creation destinations.
⦁ Using the capability of the SAP ERP framework to fortify coordination among plants and advertising workplaces and to improve control of activities.
⦁ Keeping up New Tech Roofing's commitment to the most elevated universally perceived quality measures.
All New Tech Roofing plants have accomplished accreditation to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance.

⦁ Making one of a kind, superior items.
⦁ Proceeded with advancement and development of existing product offerings.
⦁ Keeping up New Tech Roofing's administration in adjusting existing items to fulfill the needs of a regularly developing and advancing business sector.

New Tech Roofing items don't contain overwhelming metals and meet Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) criteria.
⦁ Receive dynamic criteria on the issue of well being and security and to partake in the national and worldwide exertion to moderate the earth.
⦁ Capacity in the entirety of its interests so as to expel or limit the security and ecological dangers for its workers, temporary workers, clients and the overall population.


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