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A metal rooftop can really make your home look more luxurious, and will enhance your home. Metal roofing can likewise be made in various tones from traditional grey to pine green to dull red, so in the event that you don't need metallic shading that is regularly connected with metal roofing, you can choose a colour that best emulates the appearance of your present rooftop.



Metal roofing can be significantly lighter than different materials like shingles or tile. Metal roofing can last as long as 80 years with this decreased measure of weight on its construction. Likewise, this lightweight material doesn't think twice about. Heat proof metal roofing is a strong decision for your home that will require little maintenance.


The metal roofing installed is harmless to the environmentally friendly. A few rooftops are made up for the most part of reused materials. At the point when your metal rooftop reaches the finish of its life, it's 100% recyclable. Our fire resistant metal roofing is a roofing material solution for naturally conscious homeowners.


All of the metal roofing solutions installed have a UL Class A fire rating. That implies your metal roofing sheet will be compelling against serious fire exposure. When you live in an area prone to forest fires, fit your home with a rooftop worked to withstand the danger.


It can be designed to repeat the natural look of cedar or slate and is available in various colour choices. Your metal roofing options are just restricted by your creative mind.


Metal roofs last much more than asphalt rooftops; they can be put on a permanent place to stay for 40 to 70 years before they should be replaced. Furthermore, next to no maintenance is expected to keep the rooftop in great condition.

The rooftop can rust and stain from water and rainfall, but so long as roofing companies apply zinc covering on it, it can withstand almost anything.


Your fire-resistant metal roofing can save you money in more manners than one. The roofs installed by our metal roofing contractors are energy efficient. Further, an energy-productive home means lower service bills for you.

Since metal roofing makes your home cooler on those hot Bay Area days, you'll save money on cooling. Furthermore, in case you're planning on selling your home in the long run, a metal rooftop can expand your property value.


Metal roofing sheets are amazingly valuable for you and your family living inside the home. Heat will in general infiltrate a black-top rooftop, causing you to need to switch on your climate control system to keep the home at room temperature.

One way that you can save money on energy charges every month is to introduce a metal rooftop. Metal behaviours heat, so any heat that gets on your rooftop will remain on your rooftop and not go through it. Thus, you can partake in a cooler home by and large and need the climate control system less regularly.

That is not all however, metal rooftops can even keep your cool air inside your home, so it doesn't have a way to get away from like with a black-top rooftop. A metal rooftop will fundamentally pay for itself.


Design consultation
Powder coating in full scope of colours
Master manufacturing to agreed particulars
Custom packaging and delivery alternatives
Delivered in full on schedule

⦁ Fine clean
⦁ Unmatched quality
⦁ Sensible costs

Our development ventures/projects are finished inside the foreordained time allotment. While rendering these manufactures administrations, we keep up close coordination with the customers. In these years, we have effectively executed numerous pivotal ventures/projects with most extreme exactness. We are currently connected with numerous unmistakable customers from various divisions. Frequent feedbacks are likewise taken from the customers to improve our service quality.

With the assistance and backing of the gifted work power, we can give a wide scope of Roofing Sheet Metal. These Roofing Sheet Metal offered by us are produced using fine evaluation materials and are accessible in differed hues. Further, these Roofing Sheet Metal are known for their long service life.

We offer the sheets in plain and ridged boxes shapes just as in different metal evaluations. During the season of manufacturing, we pursue the set industrial standards and guidelines. This extent of sheets is created using quality-attested unrefined material, accordingly, these are recognized for having strong security against engineered and hotness. GALVLUME are made with steel boards having a covering of erosion safe aluminum-zinc composite connected by a nonstop hot plunge process.

We deliver for our customers a fantastic scope of Curved Roofing Sheet. Offered material sheet is accessible to clients in various sizes and thickness according to the developing prerequisites of the clients.

• Metal can be designed to customized prerequisites of work which limits wastage
• Metal sheeting is accessible with shading covering for erosion opposition and strength
• Metal sheeting is light and has least odds of harm in transportation
• Metals are non dangerous, non-burnable and don't engender fire or discharge lethal exhaust
• Metals call for negligible support and have long life; aluminum significantly more than steel
• Metals have more prominent solidarity to weight proportion for example they license lighter development while holding Strength
• Customized roofing accessories

At New Tech Roofing we supply top quality roofing sheets and steel cladding direct to household, business and industrial clients all over South India. Our customers incorporate the overall population, roofing contractors, farmers and scaffolders, and we have earned an exceptional reputation for providing the absolute best steel roofing sheets and supplies accessible available today.

We are glad to help our own industry by guaranteeing that the majority of our metal roofing sheets are produced using full prime best steel for quality and quality. Our extraordinarily planned metal roofing sheets are accessible in different completions, and we are certain that we can supply you with an answer for suit your roofing and steel cladding needs.


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