* Utilize suggested individual defensive gear (head protector, goggles, shoes, hand gloves and high visibility vests) while taking care of and introducing the sheets.
* Continuously wear smooth, delicate soled shoes.
* Cut materials on the ground and not on different materials where hot particles can fall and make harm the completion of the sheet.
* Evacuate all metal piece, drill particles, pop bolt mandrels and abundance clasp from the rooftop to dodge rust stains.
* Utilize a power saw with a metal-slicing cutting edge to cut slight metals. This outcomes in less hot metal particles and leaves less resultant burr than a carborundum circle.
* Fixing of SDS screws prescribed with Torque flexible firearms. For rooftop work, fix screws on the peak. For divider cladding, fix on the peak or on the valley.
* Structural like cylinders, HSS, points and channels (with the exception of zinc covered supporting structures) ought to be painted before fixing the sheets.
* Clean the rooftop with clean water or mellow cleanser by utilizing delicate fabric, mop or delicate nylon fiber brush to maintain a strategic distance from swarf stains and rusts.


* Don’t keep shading covered sheets in contact with concrete, earth and synthetic concoctions like acetone.
* Don’t introduce the rooftop sheeting during downpours, as sheets will get wet and elusive.
* Don’t utilize tempered steel screw, J snare and carbon washer as they may harm the sheet.
* Don't over drive or under drive the screw as it can prompt water spillage or washer harm.
* Don’t leave material articles on the rooftop.
* Don’t toss flying creature feed on the sheet. Winged creature dropping can harm the shading and style of the sheets.
* Don’t utilize acidic corrosive based sealants which free forceful side-effects during restoring which is negative to steel sheets.
* Never utilize rough or dissolvable sort cleaners and wire brushes, steel fleece, wipe scourers to clean the roof sheets as it relaxes the paint film.
* Don’t stroll on single rib, sheet, and end laps’ canal and skylight sheets.